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Ivy (2018)


29 min.40 sec. - Scurtmetraj - -

Synopsis: Zoe finally met someone that she really cares about enough to introduce to her friends. Everybody seems to be excited for her and they're trying their best to make Duncan feel at home, but Zoe has a secret. Her mood transforms the evening into the perfect opportunity for scandal and all the characters will get the chance to express how they really feel.

Director: Sarra Tsorakidis

Writer: Sarra Tsorakidis

Stars: Ilinca Hărnuț, Rolando Matsangos, Ana Ularu

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Ilinca Hărnuț Zoe
Rolando Matsangos Tache
Ana Ularu Silvia
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AutoLook Productions


  1. 2018 - NexT - NexT Nesfârșit


  • Film realizat în cadrul programului Film+.