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An Unforgettable Summer (1994)

81 min. - Dramă - PG 12 - 21.04.1995

Romania in the 20ies. In a border town on the left bank of the Danube the mansion of Lady Vorvoreanu glitters with the lights of a ball honored by all the local nobility. The young Dumitriu couple is the toast of the event: he is a captain in the Romanian army, while she, Marie-Thérèse Von Debretsy — Hungarian by father — is a prodigious "Middle European" beauty. The young woman, deeply faithful to her family, scorns the advances of General Ipsilanti, which leads to the Dumitriu family's transfer to an isolated garrison in the Dobroudja region. To avenge the massacre of Roumanian frontier guards by Macedonian bandits, Cpt. Dumitriu is ordered to take Bulgarian villagers as hostages and shoot them. Captain Dumitriu refuses to obey…
Screenplay of Lucian Pintilie after the novella "The Salad" by Petru Dumitriu.

Regie: Lucian Pintilie

Scenariu: Lucian Pintilie

Actori principali: Kristin Scott-Thomas, Claudiu Bleonț, Olga Tudorache, George Constantin

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An Unforgettable Summer (1994) Kristin Scott Thomas Marie-Therese von Debresty
Claudiu Bleonţ Cpt. Petre Dumitriu
Olga Tudorache Mrs. Vorvoreanu
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Filmex (Romania), Studioul Ministerului Culturii (România), MK2 Productions (Franța), Cinema La Sept,
Canal +, Ministerul Culturii și Francofoniei (Franța)
Cu sprijinul Centrului Național al Cinematografiei

Date de producție

Ecran normal, color, 2246 m.


MKL - MK2 Diffusion


  1. 1994-1995 - UCIN - Grand Prize and Best Art design, Best Costumes, Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Tamara Creţulescu), Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Răzvan Vasilescu)


Lucian Pintilie about "the reabilitation of a concept"
"What is the most efficient way of dominating people and setting them against each other - in particular when political terror has been abandoned or when the legitimacy of the State is disputed?
Arousing the darkest tribal instincts, extolling specificities, canceling the right to be different, - the rehabilitation of the concept that we had thought buried for ever, that of ETHNIC CLEANSING" (Presentation of the film, 21.04.1995)