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Why Are the Bells Ringing, Mitica? (1981)

140 min. - Comedie Dramă - PG - 29.10.1990

Inspired by the play „D'ale Carnavalului” („Carnival Scenes”) and by other writings of I.L. Caragiale. A small world of bourgeois intrigues and frivolities lived with intensity by its own protagonists: Pampon's lover, Didina is in love with the barber Nae, who is Mitza's lover, while she is Cracanel's lover. One letter starts the ball rolling and ugly characters start revealing themselves in a burlesque-like fashion.

Regie: Lucian Pintilie

Scenariu: Lucian Pintilie

Actori principali: Victor Rebengiuc, Mariana Mihuţ, Gheorghe Dinică, Tora Vasilescu

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Victor Rebengiuc Iancu Pampon
Mariana Mihuţ Miţa Baston
Gheorghe Dinică Nae Girimea
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Filmmaking Studios One and 5

Date de producție

Normal screen, colour, 14 acts, 3421 m.
The film started production in September 27th, 1979. Shooting was planned to be completed in February 1981. After a 2-band viewing (image and dialogue), the management of CCES (The Council of Socialist Culture and Education) decides to discontinue production and put the entire filmed material under lock and key. Memorable date of this happening: June 19th, 1981. (New Cinema no. 10/ 1990)




  1. 1990 - ACIN - Grand Prize, Best Cinematography (Florin Mihăilescu), Best Actress (Mariana Mihuț), Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Mircea Diaconu)


Banned for ten years and released after the Romanian Revolution, the film is based on Caragiale’s play “Carnival’s Scenes” and explores the universe of peripheral petty bourgeoisie. A world of concreteness and color, stirred by petty problems, be sentimental affairs, a world of dubious morals which assumes noisily yet sincerely its passions. A mean world, with a mean language and a narrow mind where Didina, the kept Woman of Pampon, is in love with Nae Girimea, the barber and the Don Juan of his district. But Nae is also the lover of Mița Baston, in turn the mistress of Crăcănel. A letter of Mița’s will raise scandal…


Final line ― „Let them die stupid...”


  • The film was forbidden in 1981 — its production year „There were witnesses stating that Ceaușescu put the ban on it. ˂This movie won't be screen as long as I live, do you hearme!?˃ He himself forbade it, and I'll tell you why: it was a movie forbidding him, forbidding Ceaușescu! No one had done it with such violence, expressing it through an work of art, art of the ugly, but free and unrestrained.” (Radu Cosașu „România literară”)