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Premiul pentru publicistică 2015 al Asociaţiei Criticilor de film

Rocker (2012)

91 min. - Dramă - NC18 - 22.02.2013

Victor is a late rocker who works, steals and cheats only to get the money to buy heroine for his addicted son Dinte. This is a strange self-sacrifice that he takes for saving his son. Despite their blood relation, they are united also by the music. The rock music. 

Regie: Marian Crişan

Scenariu: Marian Crişan

Actori principali: Dan Chiorean, Alin State, Ofelia Popii

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Dan Chiorean Victor
Alin State Florin
Ofelia Popii Laura
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Date de producție

Wins the CNC (Romanian National Film Center) contest from June-July 2010, and is granted a loan amounting in 1.084.828 lei.


Transilvania Film


  1. 2013 - Vilnius - Best actor (Dan Chiorean)
    2013 - UCIN - Best actor in a supporting role (Alin State). Best costume design. Best sound


  • The script was entitled „Iguanele”/ “The Iguanas” and this was the initial production title.
  • The film premiered at the San Sebastian IFF on September 29,2012