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Happy Funeral (2012)

Funeralii fericite (2012)

111 min. - Comedie - N 15 - 07.06.2013

Synopsis: Three heavy boozers - a Romanian (Horatiu Malaele), a Russian (Igor Caras-Romanov) and a Bulgarian (Mihai Gruia Sandu) - are tripling away their... happiness, into vodka, at "The Happy Immigrant", a joint kept by a Turk. 

Director: Horaţiu Mălăele

Writer: Adrian Lustig

Stars: Horaţiu Mălăele, Crina Semciuc, Igor Caras-Romanov

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  • Happy Funeral (2012)
  • Happy Funeral (2012)
  • Happy Funeral (2012)
  • Happy Funeral (2012)