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The Wonderful Grove (1980)

Dumbrava minunată (1980)

81 min. - Film pentru copii - AG - 29.09.1980

Synopsis: Adapted from Mihail Sadoveanu's 1926 novel. Lizuca is a 6 year old girl whose mother died and whose father is married to a nasty woman. She has to leave her grandparents, who she lived with for a while, because her stepmother needs her. Because Lizuca has inherited a forest from her mother. She is neglected and mistreated by her new stepmother and her father is never there. But together with her dog, she knows how to escape.

Director: Gheorghe Naghi

Writer: Draga Olteanu-Matei

Stars: Diana Muscă, Ernest Maftei, Elena Drăgoi

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  • The Wonderful Grove (1980)
  • The Wonderful Grove (1980)
  • The Wonderful Grove (1980)
  • The Wonderful Grove (1980)