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The Camp in Razoare (2012)

Tabăra din Răzoare (2012)

22 min. - Short Movie - -


It's the last day of a summer camp. Alex insists on going on the mountain with Vera despite of a weird pain he feels on the right side of his belly.

Director: Cristi Iftime

Writer: Cristi Iftime

Stars: Alex Potocean, Lorena-Andrada Zăbrăuțanu

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  • The Camp in Razoare (2012)
  • The Camp in Razoare (2012)
  • The Camp in Razoare (2012)
  • The Camp in Razoare (2012)
  • The Camp in Razoare (2012)
  • The Camp in Razoare (2012)
  • The Camp in Razoare (2012)
  • The Camp in Razoare (2012)

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Alexandru Potocean Alex
Lorena-Andrada Zăbrăuțanu Vera
Dan Aștilean Doctor
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Production info

Filmed in July 2011, in Maramures. Because of the rain, the scheduled five days turned into 10.
The equipment was transported by cart to Ţibleş because cars were damaged.


  • The short film is the Master graduation în Directing at UNATC.
  • Film selected at the film festival in Cannes - Cinefondation 2012.
Cristi Iftime about the movie: 
"Yes, the film is inspired by things that have happened to me, but I fictionalized and tried to do so as the viewer to think about his own breakup of a certain age. It's not necessarily a biological age but rather the psychological one. Some happens at 18, others at 30. It is a time of transition to adulthood. I drew to talk about heroes who are younger than me. I drew to talk about this age that is slightly unconscious. My position is that of an observer relates to past events, so I tried to mark plastic level. I did not flashbacks, but I worked with some paintings from returning and are viewed retrospectively. The intention to  return to some past events is pretty clear to me."(

The Camp in Razoare (2012) - Photo