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And They May Still Be Alive Today (2020)

Poate mai trăiesc și azi (2020)

73 min. - Comedy Love Story - AP 12 - 28.05.2021

Synopsis: Tired of waiting for love to happen to them, Clara (33) and Vlad (35) decide to make it happen. Their project? To live the perfect love. Their guide? Books, films and folklore. But she wants the one, he wants anyone. She wants a prince, he is only a man. On their first date they plan their perfect love. They make a checklist of all the symptoms of love and they believe that by acting them out, love will surely follow. Then they start to act out their love in the hope of really finding it. Soon he loses his enthusiasm but her desperation makes him find his passion again. When she becomes confident, he becomes jealous and paranoid. He finds his peace, she becomes depressed and starts acting like a little girl. He tries to be patient and console her, but finally breaks into anger. She wants a saviour, he just hates to be alone. In desperation she goes swimming far into the sea to test him. He barely manages to save her from drowning. After this he decides to break up, but before they go to the countryside and become fantastic characters from a Romanian fairytale. Fantasy takes over and they will emerge from it more mature. Acting out ends here and now love will or will not come.

Director: Tudor Cristian Jurgiu

Writer: Tudor Cristian Jurgiu, Anca Tăbleț

Stars: Nicoleta Hâncu, Bogdan Nechifor

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  • And They May Still Be Alive Today (2020)
  • And They May Still Be Alive Today (2020)
  • And They May Still Be Alive Today (2020)
  • And They May Still Be Alive Today (2020)

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