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Octave (2017)

Octav (2017)

100 min - Psychological Film - AG - 04.10.2017

Synopsis: When an elderly man returns to his family home after decades of absence, the apparition of his childhood sweetheart triggers a rewind to the life-changing events from his youth.

Director: Serge Ioan Celibidachi

Writer: Serge Ioan Celebidachi, James Olivier

Stars: Marcel Iureș, Victor Rebengiuc, Andi Vasluianu

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Marcel Iureş Octav
Victor Rebengiuc Spiridon
Andi Vasluianu Marcel
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Produced By

Astra Entertainment
Oblique Media

Production info

Filming from 21 March to April 27, 2016, in Campulung, Arges county, and studios in Buftea (Ilfov).
Coproduction Romania–Great Britain, with the support of cu sprijinul National Centre for Cinematography
Budget - 1,4 millions euros. 

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2018 - Premiile Gopo - Audience Award (57.813 viewers)


Drama that explores universal themes such as time, nostalgia and love in its purest form and its great, embodied here by the relationship between a deep and innocent 80-year-old and a 10 year old girl. Intriguing and original story is this time travel that makes the main character, old Octav (Marcel Iures), after which emerge important events in his childhood, this while remaining a prisoner of his aged body.


  • Serge Ioan Celebidachi is the son of conductor and composer Sergiu Celibidache, a graduate of Theatre and Drama University of Indiana (Bloomington). International Master in film at the London Film School.
Marcel Iureș about film:
“Octav is by far the most beautiful role I've received so far. It won the first reading. This role is an acting challenge for me because it means you play the character of a child from an adult perspective”
Serge Ioan Celebidachi about the film:
„Octav“ can help us remember who we really are and strengthen our courage to explore our past, while for the lucky ones it is a reassertion of the infinite generosity of life.”
Blasco Giurato about the film:
“For me this film is a miracle. Ever since I read the script I fell in love with the project. This film tells a story that should concern the entire world. Another miracle was that of meeting an extraordinary director. In my long experience, I can say that this is an important film. This film is definitely important and it is even more so for Romania.”
“This film is my cinematic will”.
Vladimir Cosma about the film:
“I identify with this film from the point of view of someone who returns to his country after a lifetime spent abroad to revisit it, to revisit the places where he was born, his friends.[…] I experienced this when I came back home.[...] It’s very touching for me to have written the score for this film”.
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Marcel Iureș in „Octav”, directed by Serge Ioan Celebidachi
”Octav”, a time travel with Marcel Iureș and Serge Celebidachi  - Dana Medar
Victor Rebengiuc și Marcel Iureș, în „Octav”
Vladimir Cosma a compus muzica pentru „Octav”
„Octav”, premieră de gală la Sala Palatului din București
Directorul de fotografie Blasco Giurato a lucrat la fimul ”Octav”, regizat de Serge Celebidachi
Romanian films at Montréal World Film Festival 2017
“Octav”, world premiered at the Montréal Film Festival
Andi Vasluianu is the son of Victor Rebengiuc in “Octav”
Lia Bugnar este mama lui Octav, în filmul regizat de Serge Celebidachi
Alessia Tofan and Eric Aradits, about their roles in “Octav”
Ioan Andrei Ionescu este tatăl lui Octav, în filmul regizat de Sergiu Celebidachi
”Octav” – cronică de film  - Cristina Zaharia
„Soldații. Poveste din Ferentari” și „Marița”, la Filmfest Hamburg 2017
„Octav” – proiecții speciale în țară
„Octav” – 27.221 de spectatori în primul weekend
Conferință de presă: „Octav”, de Serge Ioan Celebidachi  - Andra Petrescu
“Octav”, Selected at the Beijing Film Festival
“One Step Behind the Seraphim”, the great winner of the 2018 Gopo Awards
“Octav” – the DVD Launch
“Octav”, Released on DVD
”Octav”, de Serge Ioan Celebidachi, pe DVD  - Dana Medar
The Romanian Film Caravan Arrives in Onești (August 6 – 12)
Caravana filmului românesc, proiecții în cadrul Zilelor Municipiului Brăila

Octave (2017) - Photo