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Dogs’ Road (1992)

Drumul câinilor (1992)

87 min. - Drama - PG - 20.11.1992

Synopsis: Film adaptation of the novel „Dog's Road” by Ion Lăncrănjan.In a Transylvanian village during the '50s, a war widow, who lost 5 sons on the battle field cannot find joy in the ones still alive because of the decisions they make. And the causes are also military and political.

Director: Laurenţiu Damian

Writer: Ion Lăncrănjan

Stars: Olga Tudorache, George Alexandru, Dan Condurache

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  • Dogs’ Road  (1992)
  • Dogs’ Road  (1992)

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Olga Tudorache Raveca
George Alexandru Jilu
Dan Condurache Mihai
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Produced By

Studioul de Creaţie Star Film 22

Production info

Normal screen, colour, 2375 m


National Cinema Center

Festivals, Awards

  1. 1992 - UCIN - Award for Best Film Adaptation (Laurențiu Damian), Best Actress (Olga Tudorache)
    1992 - Costinești - Awards for Directing, Image Design and Scenography


Reviewer's Opinion
„Already having made a name for himself as a documentary filmmaker, with inconvenient films, some of them rejected by Communist censorship (Maria Tănase, Cota zero, ScrisoareaMariei Tănase) director Laurențiu Damian comes today face to face with his audience. The second fiction feature signed by the young filmmaker, Drumul câinilor (Dogs' Road) was inspired by a novel by Ion Lăncrănjan. The period when the Communist repression started in rural areas are evoked analytically by the filmmaker in a psychological drama.” (Călin Stănculescu, România liberă, 20.11.1992)

Dogs’ Road  (1992) - Photo