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The Cruise (1980)

Croaziera (1980)

122 min. - Action Comedy Political Film - AG - 13.04.1981


The best workers from various factories in the communist system are rewarded a cruise on the Danube. The people in charge fight for bureaucratic reasons while the young ones are looking for adventure.

Director: Mircea Daneliuc

Writer: Mircea Daneliuc

Stars: Tora Vasilescu, Nicolae Albani, Maria Gligor

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  • The Cruise (1980)
  • The Cruise (1980)
  • The Cruise (1980)
  • The Cruise (1980)

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Tora Vasilescu Lili
Nicolae Albani Proca
The Cruise (1980) Maria Gligor Lala
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Produced By

Filmmaking Studio Three
The Central Committee of the Communist Youth Union, The Tourism Office for Youth

Production info

Normal screen, in colour, 12 acts, 3332 m.



Festivals, Awards

  1. 1981 - ACIN - Grand Prize, Best Editing and Honorary Diplomas (Ioana Manolescu and Nicolae Albani)
    1981 - Costineşti - Grand Prize


— Vrei parfum?
— Ai?
— Da. Jubileu.
— Da’ e bun?
— Nu se găseşte.


Reviewers' Opinion:
„As regards The Cruise by Mircea Daneliuc, it goes down a similar route: showing the optimist, smiley façade of a symbolical trip, the film allows us to see the underlying things — the pettiness and lack of morals of the participants to the trip, and the opportunism and falsity of their guides – all these without changing even one accent or without avoiding the false, sharp notes of reality (even when they seem unaesthetic and transmit a visceral kitsch, like the New Czech Wave of the '60). So, the film reveals the provincialism and derisory nature of the idyllic”.(Romulus Rusan, „Filmar”, 1984)
"Daneliuc rupe normalitatea aparentă şi trece la metafora politică, încărcând personajele şi acţiunea cu un puternic mesaj anti-sistem. Activistul de partid îşi face apariţia în toată splendoarea în persoana lui Proca. Este primul protagonist tovarăş în totalitate negativ din filmul românesc sub dictatură." (Cristian Tudor Popescu, "Filmul surd în România mută", 2011)

The Cruise (1980) - Photo