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Dogs (2015)

Câini (2015)

104 min. - Thriller - N 15 - 23.09.2016


Roman - a young man from the city - comes to a remote village in rural Romania to sell the land he inherited from his departed grandfather. Once there, Roman is exposed to a series of strange events, all culminating with him discovering that his grandfather used to be a local crime lord. In order to sell, Roman has to face his grandfather’s -deputies-, led by Samir - an affable and charismatic Tartar. Meanwhile, Hogas, the local policeman, investigates the finding of a severed foot, but what he’s really after is getting revenge at any cost on Samir, his lifetime nemesis.

Director: Bogdan Mirică

Writer: Bogdan Mirică

Stars: Dragoș Bucur, Vlad Ivanov, Gheorghe Visu,

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  • Dogs (2015)
  • Dogs (2015)
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Dragoş Bucur Roman
Vlad Ivanov Samir
Gheorghe Visu Hogaș
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Produced By

Co-production France - Roumania - Bulgaria - Qatar 
42 km Film, in co-production with EZ FILMS France and ARGO FILMS Belgium 
The project was supported by the Romanian National Cinema Center (CNC), by the CNC France, CNC Bulgaria, Canal +, EURIMAGES and by the GAN Foundation of France, Doha Film Institute, witth HBO România.

Production info

  • Budget: Euro 920,000
  • Eurimages' financing – EURO 140,000, during the session of March 2015
  • Shootings: lasted for a month, in Buzău County, near Râmnicu Sărat, and in areas close to Bucharest (Călugăreni, Mereni, Ghimpați), Brăila Cunty, Galați County, Giurgiu County, Teleorman County.


Transilvania Film/ BAC Films International

Festivals, Awards

  1. 2016 - Cannes - FIPRESCI Prize- "Un certain regard"
    2016 - TIFF - Transilvania Trophy - Best Film
    2016 - Sarajevo - Special mention of the Jury & Heart of Sarajevo for Best Actor (Gheorghe Visu)
    2016 - Stockholm - Best Cinematography
    2016 - UCIN - „Alexandru Tatos” Opera Prima Award (Bogdan Mirică), Best Cinematography (Andrei Butică), Best Actor (Gheorghe Visu), Best Editing (Roxana Szel), Best Sound (Sam Cohen, Sebastian Zsemlye)
    2017 - Gopo - Best Directorial Debut (Bogdan Mirică), Best Actor (Gheorghe Visu), Best Actor in a supporting role (Vlad Ivanov), Best Cinematography (Andrei Butică), Best Original Music (Codrin Lazăr, Sorin Romanescu), Best Sound (Sam Cohen, Sebastian Zsemlye, Herve Buirette)
    2017 - Let's CEE Viena - Special Mention Promising Debuts


Bogdan Mirică about the movie:
  • My grandmother told me about these two men from her village who got into a fight inside the Town Hall. After a while one of them pulled a knife and stabbed the other one to death. What happened to the killer? I asked. Nothing, she answered with a shrug. He was in the right. There are places in Romania - rural, godforsaken territories - where "the law" is nothing but an abstract, remote concept. What’s really in place is the law of the people that live there. Set in such a place - the endless barren fields of Dobrogea, Dogs is an emotional and moral labyrinth that has at its core the oldest conflict of them all: man set against man.
  • Film – „I started to write on Dogs about 4 years ago – the story stayed with me, it gestated, I wrote the screenplay, I transformed it, I stylized it. When I write, I like to let the script dictate its own rhythm – and, of course, in this case, apart from writing, it was also about the time necessary to gather the financing. The locations I found for the shoot are the geographical extension of misshaped psychologies, lacking emotion and humanity.”
  • Casting – „I needed actors with a special fibre, with smouldering virility, that could explode at any moment. I am talking about their artistic potential, and not about them in real life.” 

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