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Dabija Brothers (2015)

Frații Dabija (2015)

62 min.15 sec. - Documentary - -

Synopsis: Three brothers meet up for an evening in the home they grew up in and where two of them still live. The time spent together reveals the broken relationship between them, as a consequence of over-technologization, consumerism, and easy access to any form of entertainment.

Director: Cătălin Droghici

Writer: Cătălin Drăghici





Cătălin Drăghici

Screenplay by

Cătălin Drăghici

Produced by

Gabriela Suciu


Cătălin Drăghici

Cinematography by

Radu Ștefan Fulga

Film Editing by

Cătălin Drăghici

Sound by
Dan-Ștefan Rucăreanu

sound editor

Ioan Filip

re-recording mixer / sound designer / sound mixer