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Metrobranding (2010)

Metrobranding. O poveste de dragoste între oameni și obiecte (2010)

90 min. - Documentary - G - 06.05.2011

Synopsis: Before 1989, people in Western Europe were used to choose between hundreds of brands. In Romania people used to undergo a totally different experience: one brand for each basic product. Thus, the importance that this 'mono-brands' had in the lives of those who made them as well as in the lives of those who consumed them. The story of the spectacular destiny of six brands, former stars of the Golden Age: the mattress Relaxa, the Drăgăşani sneakers, the Pegas bicycle, the Mobra motorcycle, the Fieni light bulb and the Ileana sewing-machine.

Director: Ana Vlad, Adi Voicu

Writer: Ana Vlad, Adi Voicu





Ana Vlad

Adi Voicu

Screenplay by

Ana Vlad

Adi Voicu

Produced by

Anca Puiu

Cinematography by
Adi Voicu

Music Department


Film Editing by
Roxana Szel

Ion Ioachim Stroe

Sound by
Radu V. Georgescu

Direct sound