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The Finnish Cow (2012)

Vaca finlandeză (2012)

20 min. - Short Movie - AG -


A farmer sells his cow to the Museum of Contemporary Art. He doesn't know, that there are plans to use his cow for a sadistic happening.

Director: Gheorghe Preda

Writer: Gheorghe Preda

Stars: Maria Obretin, Cuzin Toma


Cuzin Toma Fane
Maria Obretin Soția lui Fane
The Finnish Cow (2012) Radu Ciobănaşu
The Finnish Cow (2012) Ioan Andrei Ionescu
The Finnish Cow (2012) Răzvan Oprea



Gheorghe Preda

Screenplay by

Gheorghe Preda

Produced by

Cristian Comeagă

Cinematography by
Marius Panduru

Music Department

Anca Dumitrescu

ilustraţia muzicală

Film Editing by
Mihai Codleanu

Production Design by
Gheorghe Preda

Costume Design by

Tora Dragomir

Makeup and Hair

Iulia Roman

Sound by
Florin Tăbăcaru

Andrei Constantinescu

Image Department

Bogdan Lazăr

Zoran Stangacilovic