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The Network (2014)

Reţeaua (2014)

62 min. - Documentary - - 21.04.2015

Synopsis: A documentary about the complicate way of the chemotherapy drugs from some Austrian and Hungarian pharmacies till Romanian patients. This is a real uderlying network involving many actors.

Director: Claudiu Mitcu

Writer: Claudiu Mitcu, Vlad Mixich

Stars: Andreea Puiu Drăghicescu, Andra Oprea, Valeriu Tatu


The Network (2014) Andreea Puiu Drăghicescu
The Network (2014) Andra Oprea
The Network (2014) Valeriu Tatu
The Network (2014) Călin Popescu Tăriceanu
The Network (2014) Eugen Nicolăescu
The Network (2014) Benehek Istvan
The Network (2014) Smaranda Arghirescu
The Network (2014) Cristian Scurtu



Claudiu Mitcu

Claudiu Mitcu

Screenplay by

Claudiu Mitcu

Produced by

Ada Solomon


Ada Solomon


Claudiu Mitcu


Călin Peter Netzer


Aurelian Nica

producer HBO

Cinematography by
Andrei Butică

Vlad Petri

Music Department

Camil Dumitrescu

Film Editing by
Ion Ioachim Stroe

Gabi Basalici

Sound by
Ioan Filip

sound designer / supervising sound editor

Dan-Ștefan Rucăreanu

re-recording mixer / sound designer

Directing Department
Cătălin Anchidin

PR manager

Image Department

graphic designer