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Toto and His Sisters (2014)

Toto şi surorile lui (2014)

94 min. - Documentary - IM 15 - 18.12.2014

Synopsis: Three children, Totonel (10 years old) and his sisters, Andreea (14) şi Ana (17), are waiting for their mother who is in prison. Beeing alone, they have to learn to survive.

Director: Alexander Nanau

Writer: Alexander Nanau

Stars: Totonel, Ana, Andreea


Toto and His Sisters (2014) Totonel
Toto and His Sisters (2014) Ana
Toto and His Sisters (2014) Andreea



Alexander Nanau

Screenplay by

Alexander Nanau

Produced by

Hanka Kastelicová

producer HBO Europe

Marcian Lazăr

Cătălin Mitulescu

Alexander Nanau

Bianca Oana

executive producer

Valeriu Nicolae

Antony Root

executive producer HBO

Carmen Harabagiu

executive producer HBO

Mona Nicoară


Cinematography by
Alexander Nanau

Film Editing by
Alexander Nanau

George Cragg

Mircea Olteanu

Sound by

Matthias Lempert

sound design

Florian Titus Ardelean

sound editor

Image Department
Alex Brendea


Mihai Marius Apopei