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From Now On (2012)

De azi înainte (2012)

36 min. - Short Movie - -


Stefan is 18 years old and the anniversary gift is a driving lesson, a bottle of vodka and a libertine discussion about women. But this "gift" also contains an unexpected surprise, which overcomes the boy's entire birthday.

Director: Dorian Boguţă

Writer: Dorian Boguţă

Stars: Teodor Corban, Dan Chiriac


Teodor Corban Constantin
 From Now On (2012) Cătălin Jugravu Ştefan
Mirela Oprişor Claudia
 From Now On (2012) Dan Chiriac
Cuzin Toma Bad Boy



Dorian Boguţă

Screenplay by

Dorian Boguţă

Produced by

Daniel Pârvulescu

Mihaela Stoian

Cinematography by

Cosmin Fericean

Vivi Drăgan Vasile

Film Editing by
Dana Lucreţia Bunescu

Production Design by

Adrian Cristea

Costume Design by

Oana Drăghici

Makeup and Hair

Miruna Panaitescu

Sound by
Ioan Filip

re-recording mixer / sound

Marius Obretin