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The Streets Remember (1961)

Străzile au amintiri (1961)

87 min. - Action - AG - 27.02.1962


During the Second World War, a writer meets two young people, a girl and a boy, who are doing actions to undermine the fascist regime in power.

Director: Manole Marcus

Writer: Dimos Rendis, Ioan Grigorescu

Stars: Antoaneta Glodeanu, Constantin Dinulescu, Silviu Stănculescu


The Streets Remember (1961) Antoaneta Glodeanu Doina
Constantin Dinulescu Inspectorul de poliţie
Silviu Stănculescu Ilieş
The Streets Remember (1961) Viorica Popescu Mama Doinei
The Streets Remember (1961) Virgil Florescu Scriitorul
The Streets Remember (1961) Maria Dumitrache Ana
Valeriu Paraschiv Victor
Toma Caragiu Comisarul
Sandu Sticlaru Omul care donează sânge
Ernest Maftei Alexandru
Mihai Mereuţă
Petrică Popa



Manole Marcus

Screenplay by

Dimos Rendis

Ioan Grigorescu

Cinematography by
Gheorghe Fischer

Music Department
Tiberiu Olah

Film Editing by
Lucia Anton

Production Design by
Constantin Simionescu

Costume Design by

Olga Scorţeanu Lupu

Sound by
Silviu Camil

Image Department
Alexandru David

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