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New Year’s Eve (1979)

Ora zero (1979)

99 min. - Social Film - AG - 10.10.1979


A malfunction of a tram cable on New Year’s Eve causes a delay in the schedule of the intervention team, comprising of a man and his four sons. In the meantime, as one of the boys is off to buy an engagement ring from a shady man, he unwillingly gets involved in a traffic accident. The family reunites after midnight and sets the clock backwards in order to celebrate New Year in the presence of a TV crew. 

Director: Nicolae Corjos

Writer: Coman Șova

Stars: Mihai Mereuță, Geo Costiniu, Dan Tufaru


Mihai Mereuţă Marin Căruntu
Geo Costiniu Mihai Căruntu
Dan Tufaru Ion Căruntu
Horaţiu Mălăele Titișor Căruntu
New Year’s Eve (1979) Petre Lupu Dan Căruntu
Dan Nuţu Jorj
Carmen Galin The injured girl
Silviu Stănculescu Captain of Militia
Catrinel Dumitrescu Sanda
Julieta Szönyi Rodica
Ştefan Mihăilescu-Brăila Sorin
Nicu Constantin Man with a Lamb
Tamara Creţulescu Ionela
New Year’s Eve (1979) Elena Sereda
Rodica Tapalagă Reporter
Ştefan Velniciuc Liviu
Mihai Mălaimare Mache
Valentin Plătăreanu Sergeant
Ovidiu Schumacher
New Year’s Eve (1979) Zizi Șerban Photographer's Wife
New Year’s Eve (1979) Jana Gorea Jorj's Mother
New Year’s Eve (1979) Gheorghe Șimonca Moș Gerilă
New Year’s Eve (1979) Alexandru Virgil Platon The rebellious man
New Year’s Eve (1979) Mariana Cercel
New Year’s Eve (1979) Ileana Mavrodineanu Vasilica
New Year’s Eve (1979) Traian Petruț Photographer
New Year’s Eve (1979) Mircea Cruceanu Professor doctor
New Year’s Eve (1979) Arcadie Donos The Doorman
New Year’s Eve (1979) Zoe Anghel



Nicolae Corjos

Screenplay by

Coman Șova

Produced by

Corneliu Leu

Cinematography by
Vivi Drăgan Vasile

Music Department

Florin Bogardo

Film Editing by
Mioara Ionescu

Production Design by
Aureliu Ionescu

Costume Design by
Oltea Ionescu

Sound by
Andrei Papp