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The Lost Forest (1971)

Pădurea pierdută (1971)

110 min. - Drama - AG - 07.03.1972


In 1943 in a Romanian fishing village on the river Danube brothers Pavel and Simion compete for the love of Lia while the war is raging on.

Director: Andrei Blaier

Writer: Mihnea Gheorghiu

Stars: Ilarion Ciobanu, Cornel Patrichi, Leni Pințea-Homeag, Adriana Ionescu


Ilarion Ciobanu Pavel
Cornel Patrichi Simion
The Lost Forest (1971) Leni Pințea-Homeag Sabina
The Lost Forest (1971) Adriana Ionescu Lia
Cornel Coman Vlădana
Ernest Maftei Trifan
Colea Răutu Pangrate
The Lost Forest (1971) Mircea Constantinescu-Govora Manea
The Lost Forest (1971) Mihai Filip Nicolae
The Lost Forest (1971) Emil Sassu
The Lost Forest (1971) Romeo Mogoș Primul pescar
Petre Gheorghiu
Virgil Andriescu
Emil Liptac Ștefan
The Lost Forest (1971) Costel Rădulescu
The Lost Forest (1971) Romeo Stănciugel
Aurel Gruşevschi



Andrei Blaier

Screenplay by

Mihnea Gheorghiu

Produced by

Dumitru Carabăţ

delegate producer

Cinematography by
Nicu Stan

Music Department
Radu Şerban

Film Editing by
Erika Aurian

Production Design by
Aureliu Ionescu

Costume Design by
Lidia Luludis

Sound by

Nicolae Ciolcă