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Madrigal in UNESCO Constellation (2014)

Madrigal în constelaţia UNESCO (2014)

52 min. - Documentary - PG - 21.02.2014

Synopsis: Madrigal National Chamber Choir has been part of UNESCO Patrimony ever since 1992, when it became an international cultural asset. Together with our monuments and traditions, this Choir set up by the conductor Marin Constantin in 1963 is a Romanian cultural structure.

Director: Laurenţiu Damian

Writer: Laurenţiu Damian



Corneliu Ulici vocea comentatorului



Laurenţiu Damian

Screenplay by

Laurenţiu Damian

Cinematography by

Dănuţ Pădure

Music Department

Cosmin Lupan

musical arrangement

Film Editing by
Dănuț Pădure