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Hello! How Are You? (2011)

Bună! Ce faci? (2011)

105 min. - Comedy - N 15 - 04.03.2011


Musician Gabriel and dimpled dry-cleaning proprietress Gabriela live like two strangers who no longer see each other. But in humorous contrast to their staid, passionless lives, characters in a constant state of sexual arousal surround them. Their libidinous teen son, whose hilarious voiceover commentary intermittently provides important narrative information, prides himself on being the high school stud and aspires to a career in porn. Gabriela's sexy employee switches boyfriends the way she changes clothes. And despite being married, Gabriel's colleague is working his way through the female members of their orchestra. Ultimately, the two Gabys find their virtual affairs reconnect them with their own desires, but in a way less movie-fantasy and more satisfyingly real-life.

Director: Alexandru Maftei

Writer: Lia Bugnar

Stars: Ionel Mihăilescu, Dana Voicu, Adrian Păduraru


Ionel Mihăilescu Gabriel
Dana Voicu Gabriela
Hello! How Are You? (2011) Paul Diaconescu Vladimir
Adrian Păduraru Professor of psychology
Gabriel Spahiu Iorgu
Ana Popescu Toni
Ioan Andrei Ionescu Marcel
Sabrina Iașchevici Miruna Jipescu
Hello! How Are You? (2011) Antoaneta Cojocaru Natalia
Ioana Abur Silvia
Adriana Trandafir Matilda
Ana Maria Moldovan Cornelia
Alexandru Nagy Porancea



Alexandru Maftei

Screenplay by

Lia Bugnar

Produced by

Tudor Reu


Maurizio Santarelli

Antoni Sile Vinas

Cinematography by

Radu Aldea

Music Department

Dragoş Alexandru

Film Editing by
Mihai Codleanu

Production Design by
Mihaela Ularu

Andreea Hillerin

Costume Design by

Nicoleta Cîrnu

Delia Adroer

Makeup and Hair
Dana Roşeanu

Sound by
Marius Leftărache

Cristinel Şirli

sound mixer

Florin Tăbăcaru

sound editor

Cristian Tarnoveţchi

sound mixer

Nicolae Comârzan

boom operator