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Two Years Holliday (1973)

Doi ani de vacanţă (1973)

360 min. - Adventure - AG -


The story of a group of young New Zealand school boys. Because one of them is the nephew of a ship captain, they win the opportunity to go on a sailing trip. Some pirates (Forbes and Pike) are looking for a boat so they can go and find treasure on a deserted island. They manage to be recruited as crew members on that same boat as the school boys. After a mutiny, the pirates take over the boat and take the young boys as hostages. Helped by O'Brian, the young kids manage to escape from the pirates with the boat. After a storm, they have to land on a deserted island. They have learn to live together in harmony if they want their community to survive, despite the rivalry within the group. But is this island really a deserted one? And can they really get away from the pirates?

Director: Gilles Grangier, Sergiu Nicolaescu

Writer: Claude Desailly, Walter Ulbrich

Stars: Constantin Bărbulescu, Marc Di Napoli, Werner Pochath


Two Years Holliday (1973) Constantin Bărbulescu Lordul Buchanan
Two Years Holliday (1973) Marc Di Napoli Doniphan
Two Years Holliday (1973) Werner Pochath Forbes
Two Years Holliday (1973) Franz Seidenschwan Dick Sand
Cristian Şofron Service
Two Years Holliday (1973) Dominique Planchot Gordon
Two Years Holliday (1973) Rainer Basedow Pike
Mihai Berechet Kapitan Hull
Two Years Holliday (1973) Constantin Băltărețu O'Brian
Aurel Giurumia Bucătarul
Constantin Diplan Tom Cane
Two Years Holliday (1973) Angela Chiuaru Dna. Weldon
Two Years Holliday (1973) Bogdan Untaru Ben
Two Years Holliday (1973) Ștefan Cristea Henry
Two Years Holliday (1973) Didier Gaudron Bryan
Two Years Holliday (1973) Constantin Nedelcu Jimmy
Two Years Holliday (1973) Horia Pavel Morris
Dan Nasta Baudouin
Nucu Păunescu Walston
Matei Alexandru
Two Years Holliday (1973) Jana Gorea
Cornel Gîrbea
Two Years Holliday (1973) Liviu Crăciun
Marius Pepino Foster
Two Years Holliday (1973) Traian Petruț
Two Years Holliday (1973) Iulian Necșulescu



Gilles Grangier

Sergiu Nicolaescu

Screenplay by

Claude Desailly

Walter Ulbrich

Cinematography by
Alexandru David

Music Department

Hans Posegga

Film Editing by

Alfred Srp

Production Design by
Filip Dumitriu

Nicolae Teodoru

Costume Design by
Filip Dumitriu

Horia Popescu