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Occident (2002)

Occident (2002)

100 min. - Comedy - AG - 27.09.2002

Synopsis: When the amicable Luci (Alexandru Papadopol) and his beautiful lover Sorina (Anca Androne) are evicted from their apartment, Sorina decides they must visit her father's grave and ask for a "sign". Seconds later, Luci is hit in the head by a bottle and taken to the hospital by a Frenchman. Despite her love for Luci, Sorina believes a life with security takes precedence over romance, and moves in with the good samaritan.

Director: Cristian Mungiu

Writer: Cristian Mungiu

Stars: Alexandru Papadopol, Anca Androne, Tania Popa, Dorel Vişan


Alexandru Papadopol Luci
Anca Androne Sorina
Tania Popa Mihaela
Dorel Vişan Col. Vişoiu, Mihaela’s father
Coca Bloos Mihaela’s mother
Tora Vasilescu Kindergarten principal
Eugenia Bosînceanu Aunt Lena
Julieta Strîmbeanu Granny
Valeriu Andriuţă Nae
Alina Berzunţeanu Translator
Occident (2002) Ioan Gyuri Pascu Gică
Occident (2002) Michael Beck The Dutchman
Occident (2002) Samuel Tastet Jerome
Occident (2002) Jerome Bounkazi The Italian man
Constantin Ghenescu
Doru Ana
Gabriel Spahiu The mute Spanish man
Viorel Comănici The manager of the store
Vitalie Bantaș Vasile
Ion Chelaru General



Cristian Mungiu

Screenplay by

Cristian Mungiu

Produced by

Dan Badea

Executive producer

Cristina Ionescu

production manager

Cinematography by
Vivi Drăgan Vasile

Music Department
Petru Mărgineanu

Ioan Gyuri Pascu

Hanno Höfer

Film Editing by
Nita Chivulescu

Cătălin Dordea

Production Design by

Eva Szantai

Costume Design by
Ana Ioneci

Makeup and Hair
Anastasia Vitanidis

Sound by
Andrei Papp