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Chasing Rainbows (2011)

Și caii sunt verzi pe pereți (2011)

107 min. - Comedy Drama - N 15 - 02.11.2012


Two parallel sections interwined in the end about the Romanian syndrome of striking rich over night and effortless. Tocitu is a petty ink slinger close to his retirement who loses his job because he can`t use the computer; and when he tries to bring himself up to date with the modern technology, he becomes a victim of internet fraud. Marius is a young man who wins an important prize at a cigarette raffle, but cannot claim it because he participated under a fake name, accidentally Tocitu.

Director: Dan Chişu

Writer: Dan Chişu

Stars: Adrian Titieni, Ionuţ Vişan, Anca Florescu


Adrian Titieni Tocitu
Ionuţ Vişan Marius
Chasing Rainbows (2011) Anca Florescu Cosmina
Tudor Smoleanu Buzilă
Dragoş Bucur Instructor de calculatoare
Chasing Rainbows (2011) Oreste Alexandru Scarlat Teodorescu Driver
Chasing Rainbows (2011) Constantin Ghenescu Mr. Tocitu
Chasing Rainbows (2011) Cătălin Bordea Cucu
Oxana Moravec Mother Lina
Coca Bloos Mrs. Tocitu
Chasing Rainbows (2011) Marinela Chelaru Operator CFR
Chasing Rainbows (2011) Mihai Niţă Calmu
Mihai Dorobanțu Deținut
Cătălin Neamțu Controlor CFR



Dan Chişu

Screenplay by

Dan Chişu

Produced by

Dan Chişu


Giuliano Doman


Andrei Gheorghe

associate producer

Cristian Nicolescu

post-production coordinator

Cinematography by

Ovidiu Gyarmath

Music Department

Paul Ilea

Film Editing by

Andrei Iancu


Laura Grosu

Liliana Toma

Production Design by
Mihai Dorobanțu

Costume Design by
Cireșica Cuciuc

Makeup and Hair

Ana Andrei

Sound by
Cristinel Şirli

mixaj sunet

Dragoş Stanomir

Florian Titus Ardelean

supervising sound editor

Directing Department
Andrei Gheorghe

asistent regie 2