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The Way I Spent the End of the World (2006)

Cum mi-am petrecut sfârşitul lumii (2006)

110 min. - Drama - AG - 15.09.2006

Synopsis: Bucharest 1989 - the last year of Ceausescu's dictatorship. Eva lives with her parents and her 7 year old brother, Lalalilu. One day at school, Eva and her boyfriend accidentally break a bust of Ceausescu. They are forced to confess their crime before a disciplinary committee and Eva is expelled from school and transferred to a reformatory establishment. There she meets Andrei, and decides to escape Romania with him. Lalalilu becomes convinced that Ceausescu is the main reason for Eva's decision to leave. So with his friends from school he devises a plan to kill the dictator.

Director: Cătălin Mitulescu

Writer: Cătălin Mitulescu, Andreea Vălean

Stars: Dorotheea Petre, Timotei Duma


Dorotheea Petre Eva Matei
The Way I Spent the End of the World (2006) Timotei Duma Lalalilu, Eva's brother
Mircea Diaconu Grigore Matei
The Way I Spent the End of the World (2006) Carmen Ungureanu Maria Matei
The Way I Spent the End of the World (2006) Ionuţ Becheru Alexandru zis Vomică
Grigore Gonța Ceauşică, Alexandru's father
Jean Constantin uncle Florică
Nicolae Praida uncle Titi
Bogdan Dumitrache the doctor
Florin Zamfirescu directorul liceului
The Way I Spent the End of the World (2006) Marius Valentino Stan Tarzan
The Way I Spent the End of the World (2006) Cristian Văraru Andrei
Oxana Moravec Diriginta Evei
Adrian Nicolae The first guitarist



Cătălin Mitulescu

Screenplay by

Cătălin Mitulescu

Andreea Vălean

Produced by

Cătălin Mitulescu

Daniel Mitulescu

Philippe Martin

David Thion

Cinematography by
Marius Panduru

Music Department
Alexander Bălănescu

Film Editing by
Cristina Ionescu

Cristian Nicolescu



Ciprian Panaite

Emil Slotea

Production Design by
Daniel Răduţă

Costume Design by

Monica Răduţă

Smaranda Iftimie

Makeup and Hair

Nolwenn Goupil

Sound by

Stephane Thiebaut

Yves-Marie Omnes

Directing Department
Bogdan Mustaţă

asistent regie 1

Image Department
George Dăscălescu