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The Print (1967)

Amprenta (1967)

89 min. - Crime - AG - 24.10.1967


A gang of thieves try to smuggle a valuable stolen painting out of the country.

Director: Vladimir Popescu-Doreanu

Writer: Dimos Rendis, Vladimir Popescu-Doreanu

Stars: Constantin Brezeanu, Marga Barbu, Emanoil Petruț


The Print (1967) Constantin Brezeanu Ralf Porter
Marga Barbu Edith
Emanoil Petruţ Vlad
Ion Dichiseanu Radu
Emmerich Schäffer Titus
Mihai Berechet Miky
The Print (1967) Paul Sava Tache
Mișu Fotino Ovidiu
Ion Niciu Sebastian
Val Săndulescu Geo



Vladimir Popescu-Dorneanu

Screenplay by

Dimos Rendis

Vladimir Popescu-Dorneanu

Eugen Barbu


Cinematography by
Willy Goldgraber

Music Department
George Grigoriu

Film Editing by
Gabriela Nasta

Production Design by
Constantin Simionescu

Costume Design by

Aurelia Mustață

Sound by

Leonid Strașun