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Memories of crossing (2021)

Memories of crossing (2021)

20 min. - Short Movie - -

Synopsis: Diana Dumitrescu, mediatized gymnast and Romanian champion, has been trained to overcome the toughest trials and succeed in the most perilous figures.

Director: Alberto Segre

Writer: Alberto Segre

Stars: Judith State, Madalina Margareta Pavel, Valeriu Andriuță


Judith State Diana (28)
Memories of crossing (2021) Madalina Margareta Pavel Diana (13)
Valeriu Andriuţă Vlad
Memories of crossing (2021) Edith Alibec Ileana
Memories of crossing (2021) Zsolt Bara grănicer 1
Memories of crossing (2021) Adrian Alexandru Bumbes grănicer 2
Gabriel Spahiu ghidul
István Téglás Laszlo



Alberto Segre

Screenplay by

Alberto Segre

Produced by

Marian Crişan

executive producer

Thomas Guentch


Răzvan Bumbeș


Cinematography by
Adrian Pădurețu

Music Department

Oliver Coates Maninkari

Film Editing by

Noémie Fy

Production Design by
Simona Pădurețu

Costume Design by

Anca Miron

Marga Dumitrescu

Makeup and Hair
Bianca Boeroiu

Sound by

Corinne Gigon

Directing Department

Mihnea Vonica

script supervisor