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Neale Azbuirătoare (2022)

Neale Azbuirătoare (2022)

24 min. - Documentary Short Movie - -

Synopsis: Scattered around the world, missing from cemeteries, this film cultivates the memory of the Aromanians passing into a permanent exile between mountains and seas inhabited by echoes of voices resounding loudly, bouncing off rocks and yet unheard. Their history is told from the subjective point of view of the artist, staging archives that passionately interpret this perpetual tragic wandering that is also full of courage.

Director: Alexandra Gulea

Writer: Alexandra Gulea

Stars: Mina Ilfoveanu, Maria Cuzmin


Neale Azbuirătoare (2022) Maria Cuzmin
Neale Azbuirătoare (2022) Mina Ilfoveanu
Ion Caramitru narrator
Alexandra Gulea narrator
Neale Azbuirătoare (2022) Iridenta Gache narrator
Neale Azbuirătoare (2022) Gheorghe Celea narrator
Neale Azbuirătoare (2022) Aromâni din Andon Poci narrator



Alexandra Gulea

Screenplay by

Alexandra Gulea

Produced by

Kristina Konrad


Stere Gulea

Trident film & media

Alexandra Gulea

Cinematography by

Nicu Ilfoveanu

super 8mm

George Chiper-Lillemark

Music Department

Stephan Dunkelman

Vlaicu Golcea

Stephane Karo

Film Editing by
Alexandra Gulea

Costume Design by

Ramona Stanca

Sound by

Andreas Bolm

Flora Pop

Directing Department
Laurenţiu Damian

consultant artistic

Marilena Ilieşiu

consultant artistic