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To The North (2022)

Spre Nord (2022)

122 min. - Thriller - N 15 - 17.03.2023

Synopsis: Inspired by true events, the film follows Joel, a religious Filipino sailor, who finds a Romanian stowaway, Dumitru, hidden between some containers during his shift on a transatlantic ship. Joel decides to hide him and subsequently starts feeling tormented by his crew, friends and even God. Soon, a dangerous cat and mouse game begins. When his crew, his own friends, even God itself start to turn their backs on him, Joel learns that he has to face his cruel destiny alone.

Director: Mihai Mincan

Writer: Mihai Mincan

Stars: Niko Becker, Soliman Cruz


Niko Becker Dumitru
To The North (2022) Soliman Cruz Joel
To The North (2022) Bart Guingona Allan
To The North (2022) Olivier Ho Hio Hen Ofițerul Chen
To The North (2022) Alexandre Nguyen Căpitanul Tsai
To The North (2022) Noel Sto
To The North (2022) Domingo



Mihai Mincan

Screenplay by

Mihai Mincan

Produced by

Radu Stancu


Ioana Lascăr

delegate producer

Ramona Grama

executive producer

Cyric Auriol

co-producer Remora Films (Franța)

Konstantinos Vassilaros

co-producer Greek Studio Bauhaus

Orfeas Perezis

co-producer Greek Studio Bauhaus

Poli Angelova

co-producer Screening Emotions (Bulgaria)

Nikolay Todorov

co-producer Screening Emotions (Bulgaria)

Mikulas Novotny

co-producer Czech Background Films

Cinematography by
George Chiper-Lillemark

Music Department

Alessandro Cortini

Marius Leftărache

Film Editing by
Dragoş Apetri

Production Design by
Iulia Negoescu Fulicea

production designer

Costume Design by
Iulia Negoescu Fulicea

Sound by

Nicolas Becker

sound designer

Cyril Holtz

Re-recording mixer

Image Department
Andrei Oană