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Pharmacia erotica (2018)

Pharmacia erotică (2018)

14 min. - Fantasy Short Movie Thriller - - 10.04.2018

Synopsis: Ana, a fashion model, tells her story during a shooting about the transformation of her lover into an animal. The film is dedicated to the 15th and 16th century Flemish and Dutch painters.

Director: Gheorghe Preda

Writer: Gheorghe Preda

Stars: Carla Teaha, Cosmin Gogu


Pharmacia erotica (2018) Carla Teaha
Pharmacia erotica (2018) Cosmin Gogu



Gheorghe Preda

Screenplay by

Gheorghe Preda

Produced by

Gheorghe Preda

Cinematography by
Silviu Stavilă

Film Editing by

Theodora Penciu

Sound by
Mihai Orăşanu