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Parking (2018)

Parking (2019)

110 min. - Drama Love Story - - 31.05.2019

Synopsis: Adrian is a poor Romanian writer trying to make it in Spain, while grappling with the prejudices that are inflicted both upon and by him. An unabashed romantic with a temper to boot, he divides his time evenly between typing out his woes and attempting to woo the dreamy-but-doomed Maria, a Spanish musician.

Director: Tudor Giurgiu

Writer: Tudor Giurgiu, Marin Mălaicu-Hondrari

Stars: Mihai Smarandache, Luis Bermejo, Belén Cuesta


Mihai Smarandache Adrian
Parking (2018) Luis Bermejo Rafael
Parking (2018) Belén Cuesta Maria
Parking (2018) Ariadna Gil
Parking (2018) Eric Frances
Parking (2018) Carmen Florescu
Cristian Iacob
Parking (2018) Ioan Coman
Emilian Oprea
Parking (2018) Paul Cimpoieru



Tudor Giurgiu

Screenplay by

Tudor Giurgiu

Marin Mălaicu-Hondrari

Produced by

Tudor Giurgiu

Cinematography by
Marius Panduru

Production Design by

Sonia Nolla

Costume Design by

Fernando García