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Perseids (2016)

Perseide (2016)

23 min. - Fantasy Short Movie - -

Synopsis: Vlad and Ioana, a couple settling down in their thirties, who seem to be perfect for each other. When Vlad comes home with an engagement ring, Ioana has no idea how to tell him she's actually an alien inside a human's body.

Director: Andrei Răuțu

Writer: Andrei Răuțu, Ana Carola Buzatov

Stars: Olimpia Melinte, Ali Deac


Olimpia Melinte Ioana
Ali Deac Vlad
Adina Andrei Lucaciu nurse
Vitalie Bichir Doctor



Andrei Răuțu

Screenplay by

Andrei Răuțu

Ana Carola Buzatov

Produced by

Laura Mușat


Andrei Răuțu

associate producer

Cinematography by
Tudor Mircea

Film Editing by

Production Design by

Flavia Barabaș

Sound by
Alexandru Dumitru

sound editor