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Green Oaks (2003)

Stejarii verzi (2003)

31 min. - Short Movie - -

Synopsis: Georges looks after his little sister in a remote part of Romania. They're all alone in the world. And even if fate over-takes them, life will reassert its claims.

Director: Ruxandra Zenide

Writer: Marek Epstein, Ruxandra Zenide

Stars: Maria Dinulescu, Valentin Popescu


Green Oaks (2003) Dorotea Brandin
Green Oaks (2003) Roberto Molo
Maria Dinulescu
Valentin Popescu



Ruxandra Zenide

Screenplay by

Marek Epstein

Ruxandra Zenide

Produced by

Cătălin Mitulescu

producător executiv

Cinematography by

Martin Matiásek

Music Department

Antoine Auberson

Film Editing by

Jeanetta Ionesco

Production Design by

Mihnea Mihăilescu

Sound by
Mihai Bogos