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First Night (2015)

Prima noapte (2015)

17 min. - Drama Short Movie - -

Synopsis: Alex's birthday is approaching, and his father Calin has prepared a very special surprise: the first night with a girl.

Director: Andrei Tănase

Writer: Andrei Tănase

Stars: Alfredo Minea, Cristiana Luca


First Night (2015) Alfredo Minea Alex
First Night (2015) Cristiana Luca Simona
Mimi Brănescu Călin, Alex's father
Elvira Deatcu Aura, Alex's mother



Andrei Tănase

Screenplay by

Andrei Tănase

Produced by

Bogdan Crăciun

Cinematography by
Barbu Bălășoiu

Film Editing by

Andrei Bălăşoiu

Production Design by

Monica Munteanu

Costume Design by

Monica Munteanu

Makeup and Hair

Dana Floreanu

Sound by

Tobias Peper