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237 Years (2016)

237 de ani (2016)

23 min. - Short Movie - -

Synopsis: A comedy about sorrow and a drama about happiness: in a remote Romanian village, in post-communist times, panic breaks out when a community of villagers, all of whom have been receiving additional financial aid for fraudulently claiming to have disabilities, is close to being unmasked by a local inquiry team.

Director: Ioana Mischie

Writer: Ioana Mischie

Stars: Mircea Andreescu, Alexandru Georgescu, Iulia Lumânare, Cristian Bota


Mircea Andreescu Nea Pamfil (The Mayor)
Alexandru Georgescu Inspector Mitrea
Iulia Lumânare Magda
Cristian Bota Silviu
Corneliu Ulici Anton
Silva Helena Schmidt Ileana
237 Years (2016) Ion Sora Vasile (The Carpenter)
237 Years (2016) Tomas Otto Ghela Ionica
237 Years (2016) Titina Paun Marita
237 Years (2016) Bianca Tomas Siamese Twin
237 Years (2016) Rebeca Tomas Siamese Twin



Ioana Mischie

Screenplay by

Ioana Mischie

Alby James

script consultant

Produced by

Alma Bacula


Alain Goldman


Gilles Castera

executive producer

Vanessa Djian

executive producer

Gilles Castera

production manager

Cinematography by
Viorel Sergovici jr.

Music Department

Taraf de Haidouks

Elena Vasilache

Film Editing by

Bogdan Orcula

Production Design by

Andreea Gherghel

Costume Design by

Oana Drăghici

Directing Department

Anca Butoi


Image Department

Lucian Diaconu