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Toaster (2015)

Prăjitorul de pâine (2015)

16 min. - Short Movie - -

Synopsis: Young and without any experience, a guy gets struck earlier in life by hard times. On his way to maturity he's supposed to make a difficult choice. Who's going to win: the toaster or the bicycle?

Director: Cristian Pop

Writer: Robert Antonescu

Stars: Vasile Onica, Dragoş Olaru


Toaster (2015) Vasile Onică
Dragoș Olaru Andrei



Cristian Pop

Screenplay by

Robert Antonescu

Cinematography by
Tudor Platon

Film Editing by

Bogdan Orcula

Production Design by

Cătălin Manea

Makeup and Hair

Raluca Crăciun

Sound by

Alexandru Popescu