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World War Cup (2015)

World War Cup (2016)

15 min. - Animation Short Movie - - 00.00.2017


Two veterans meet to see a football game together, which transforms their memories into a real confrontation on the battlefield. With regret having made an unforgivable mistake in the war, they now imagine themselves as two winners on the football field, and the victory heals their frustrations of youth.

Director: Sebastian Cosor

Writer: Sebastian Cosor, Ana Lăzărescu

Stars: Andi Vasluianu, Tudor Chirilă


Andi Vasluianu
Tudor Chirilă



Sebastian Cosor

Screenplay by

Sebastian Cosor

Ana Lăzărescu

Produced by

Mihai Mitrică

Cinematography by

Lucian Oancea

vfx compositing

Dan Vlad

3D background artist

Vlad Ionescu

TD animation

Mihai Daranga

modeler characters

Liviu Dinu


Film Editing by

Alin Dumitru


Production Design by

Cosmin Sîrbulescu

art director