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History of Love (2015)

Povestea iubirii (2016)

134 min. - Drama Fantasy - PG - 09.11.2016


The story of a long-lost book that mysteriously reappears and connects an old man searching for his son with a girl seeking a cure for her mother's loneliness.

Director: Radu Mihăileanu

Writer: Nicole Krauss, Radu Mihăileanu, Marcia Romano

Stars: Gemma Arterton, Derek Jacobi


History of Love (2015) Gemma Arterton Alma
History of Love (2015) Derek Jacobi Léo
History of Love (2015) Elliott Gould Bruno Leibovitch
History of Love (2015) Sophie Nélisse
History of Love (2015) Lynn Marocola Ferry Person
History of Love (2015) Torri Higginson Charlotte Singer
History of Love (2015) Marko Caka NY City's Albanian Turist
History of Love (2015) Jamie Bloch Zoey Schwartz
History of Love (2015) Nancy Cejari Italian tourist
History of Love (2015) Mark Rendall Young Leo
History of Love (2015) Russell Yuen Chinese Book Store owner
History of Love (2015) Masa Lizdek .German Waitress
History of Love (2015) Alex Ozerov Misha Strumann
History of Love (2015) Julian Bailey Jeff
History of Love (2015) William Ainscough Bird
History of Love (2015) Joseph Ademola Adeyemo Ferry Employee
History of Love (2015) Peter Spence Bernard Moritz
History of Love (2015) Michael Hearn Driver
History of Love (2015) Scott Eliasoph Worker
History of Love (2015) Vincent Chan Chinatown Tourist
History of Love (2015) Phil Oddo Italian Tourist
History of Love (2015) Richard Young Indian Tailor
History of Love (2015) Paul Thornton Turist
History of Love (2015) Ovidiu Cuncea
History of Love (2015) Jim O'Hare Isaac Moritz (voice)
History of Love (2015) Galia Oliel-Sabbag
History of Love (2015) Anna Kuchma Russian Tourist
History of Love (2015) Jesse VanDerveer Kid on Beach
Mihai Călin
History of Love (2015) Cameron Sun Tour Guide
History of Love (2015) Ioana Florentina Dimitriu 1960s Little Girl
History of Love (2015) Michelle Santiago Chinatown Tourist
History of Love (2015) Jason Smiley Isaac Moritz 15 Y.O.
History of Love (2015) Daniel James McFee Isaac's Friend 2
History of Love (2015) Barbara Danicka Russian Tour Guide
History of Love (2015) Michael Jawitz Mike (voice)
History of Love (2015) David E. Jenkins Jr. Turist
History of Love (2015) Ines Feghouli Bozon Little Girl #1
History of Love (2015) Kayla-Belle Rad Little Girl #2
History of Love (2015) François Genest Lanky Boy
History of Love (2015) Maverick Fortin Little Boy
History of Love (2015) Akiko Espano Art Student



Radu Mihăileanu

Screenplay by

Nicole Krauss

novel writer

Radu Mihăileanu

Marcia Romano

Produced by

Radu Mihăileanu


Xavier Rigault


Marc-Antoine Robert


Valérie d'Auteuil


Gaëtan David


André Logie


André Rouleau


Philippe Logie

associate producer

Chris Marsh

executive producer

Cinematography by

Laurent Dailland

Music Department

Armand Amar

Film Editing by

Ludo Troch


Deirdre Bowen

Meredith Jacobson

Production Design by
Cristian Niculescu

production design

Gonzalo Cordoba

art director

Pierre Perrault

art director

Suzanne Cloutier

head set decorator

Kris Moran


Gina Calin


Costume Design by
Viorica Petrovici

Makeup and Hair

Sandro Di Gioacchino

hair stylist

Kathy Kelso

makeup department head

Olimpia Stoicea

makeup artist

Sound by

Selim Azzazi

sound editor

Cristi Iliuș


Bruno Tarrière

sound re-recording mixer

Dan Wesson

boom operator

Nathalie Piche

boom operator

Directing Department

Fabrice Barrilliet

first assistant director: Canada

Josiane Cantin

third assistant director

Duccio Fabbri

first assistant director

Jason Hightower

second assistant director

Adriana Itu

first assistant director: Romania

Olivier Jacquet

first assistant director

Crăița Nanu

second AD

Cory Kadamani

second second assistant director: New York

Caroline Landry

second assistant director

Alejandro Ramia

second second assistant director

Ayesha Sheikh

third assistant director

Stéphane Lefebvre

stunt coordinator

Mihai Iliescu

assistant stunt coordinator: Romania

Valeriu Tomescu

stunt performer