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6 Big Fish (2013)

6 stora fiskar / 6 peşti mari (2013)

12 min. - Short Movie - -


Ann Sofi and Andreas are a couple of Swedish artists. They came to Romania as exchange students and have a workshop in an apartment downtown Bucharest. Ann Sofi sees art as a means of expressing her personal experiences and records her daily life obsessively with a video-camera. One summer afternoon, their neighbour offers them a bag of live fish. Because neither of them cares to slaughter them, they put them in the freezer. A few hours later they find that the fish are still alive The two embark on a mission to release the fish in the nearest pond. However, this mission turns out to be more difficult then they would have expected.

Director: Ştefan Constantinescu

Writer: Ştefan Constantinescu, Xandra Popescu

Stars: Mattias Brunn, Vera Vitali


6 Big Fish (2013) Mattias Brunn Andreas
6 Big Fish (2013) Vera Vitali Ann Sofi
Gheorghe Ifrim
Lucian Ifrim



Ştefan Constantinescu

Screenplay by

Ştefan Constantinescu

Xandra Popescu

Produced by

Helene Lindholm

Kristina Åberg

executive producer

Ada Solomon


Ilinca Belciu

assistant producer

Cinematography by

Alexandru Timoşca

Film Editing by

Rasmus Ohlander

Production Design by
Adrian Cristea

production designer

Costume Design by
Maria Pitea

Sound by

Mircea Ghinescu