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The Shukar Collective Project (2010)

The Shukar Collective Project (2010)

76 min. - Documentary - - 16.12.2010

Synopsis: At night, the enthusiastic crowd gathered at the Uranus Garden (a former factory transformed into an open air cinema and music concerts precint) gives Shukar Collective a standing ovation. Shukar Collective play bear tamer music using spoons, wooden barrels or daraboukas, whilst a couple of DJ's add layer after layer of urban sound over this traditional music. It is this kind of eclectic environment that best describes what the documentary deals with: 'culture contact'.

Director: Matei Alexandru Mocanu

Writer: Matei Alexandru Mocanu

Stars: Cristian Busuioc, Dan Handrabur, Petrică Panciu


The Shukar Collective Project (2010) Cristian Busuioc
The Shukar Collective Project (2010) Dan Handrabur
The Shukar Collective Project (2010) Petrică Panciu



Matei-Alexandru Mocanu

Screenplay by

Matei-Alexandru Mocanu

Produced by

Aurelian Nica


Andrei Creţulescu


Marc B. Lorber


Ada Solomon


Ilinca Belciu

production manager

Cinematography by

David Lee

Film Editing by

Sorin Baican

Sound by

Alin Flaidar

sound designer

Marin Cazacu

boom operator

Directing Department
Damian Groves

animation coordinator

Image Department

Iulian Nan