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Sergiu Nicolaescu

  • Director, Actor, Screenwriter, Producer
  • Born: 13.04.1930 in Târgu Jiu (Gorj)
  • Died: 03.01.2013 in Bucharest
Graduate of the Precision Engineering  Faculty of the Polytechnic Institute in Bucharest (Class of 1952). Makes his debut in cinema as a an engineer at the “Alexandru Sahia” Film Studio for Documentary Films.
“Sergiu Nicolaescu will stay in the memory of his audience like a freeze frame of his handsome image with a gun as a natural prolongation of his hand, ready to die for justice in a time of great unjustice. Before that there existed another image, in Dacii/ THE DACIANS, -there justice was made by means of  sword and there were other images of him such as that of a sea wanderer, avenger, fighter, always that of a fighter.Yes, he impersonates the justice knight and fight is his vocation. The reason to exist of this director-actor, born to be both of them alike, successfully, born to be master and servant all in one”.(Alice Mănoiu -Almanah Cinema, 1976)


Sergiu Nicolaescu about...
...success:  "To be successful is for me to be alive. Success is the point." (Almanah Cinema 1984)