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Film Critics Association 2015 Award for Best Film Journalism

Radu Muntean

  • Director, Screenwriter, Producer
  • Born: 08.06.1971 in Bucharest
Graduate of the Academy of  Theatre and Film "I.L.Caragiale" (year 1994). “As early as  my college years I made, besides the yearly student exercises, the documentary Lindenfeld’ 94, the sad story of a German village in Romania, with three people left in it (that hated each other) and, in collaboration with the Visual Arts Foundation, another film-testimony that I won’t dare call a pamphlet,They Are Ours Too, about the contemporary descendants of the illustrious Bratianu family. Between 1994-1996 I worked within the film studio of the Romanian Television. It was there that I made The Tragic Love Story of the Two. I had the ambition to shoot it all in one single take. And it very much seems that I succeeded with this film. It had a remarked path in international festivals (Biarritz, prized in Hanover etc). Still in the film studio of the Romanian Television I made the short The Geraniums - one piece of the impossible love stories cycle written by Marius Sopterean. Since 1996 I’ve been working in advertising .”(CINEMA magazine, Oct 2002)


  • Son of the reputed TV director, Titus Munteanu
  • Married to Ileana Muntean screenplay writer
  • A member of the Cinefondation and Short Film Jury in Cannes, 2016
  • He refuses to enter his feature A Floor Below at the GOPO National Film Awards (2016) but gets, nevertheless, nominations in 7 categories. 
Radu Muntean about himself
 “I promised myself that , if I were to be in the trade business, it’ll be advertising and I’m in it since long ago and if I were to do film then they will have to express a point of view” (Re: Publik 2006)
 “I make films because I have something to say and I know how to do it.When I will cease believing in it, I’ll stick to advertising and I’ll be quite relaxed about it”( Re:Publik, 2008)