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Leopoldina Bălănuţă

  • Actress
  • Born: 10.12.1934 in Păuleşti (Vrancea)
  • Died: 14.10.1998 in Bucharest

Graduate of the Institute of Theatre and Film "I.L.Caragiale" (year 1957, class Marietta Sadova). One of the great actresses of the '60s and '90s theater. Playing on the Bucharest stages Bulandra and Little Theatre. The most important roles in film and gives the director Mircea Veroiu: Fefeleaga, Mara, old Handrobur.

"Triptych of Veroiu places it on Leopoldina Bălănuţă among the great actresses creative celebrities. Her character is rooted in a world where the woman is doomed obedience and humility, an implacable destiny meant to lead to an abdication slow until the day that his life devastate the soul and makes her scream of pain. in the heat of tenderness, a tenderness and devotion unconditional increase silently, imperceptibly, the flower her dignity as a human being, strength and fierceness that only pain and suffering can give." (Cornel Cristian, Magazin estival Cinema 1984).
"Even words timidly approaching Leopoldina Balanuta. The big one can hurt the noise, the frail stand aloof with feelings of worthlessness. To write about her face that give each inner vibration, ie if a sign down, a mark of nobility that a makeup artist will not dare to cover them with makeup, about her face that pain in one slide. There is sin, this is not Leopoldina Bălănuţă. She's not a movie star. It's not even anti-star. And I'd say, unfortunately, it's not what I would call a sober actress of film, because the film has the task of approaching it. And it's not hard to understand why: because you can not post every day roles for this actress-day high. " (Sanda Faur, Almanah Cinema 1975)


  • She was married to actors Ionescu Gion and Mitică Popescu
  • Friends and colleagues called her Poldi
  • Receives Ordinul Meritul Cultural clasa a IV-a (1967)
Leopoldina Bălănuţă about...
...herself: "I do not know whether I am a film or theater actress. I consider myself an actress, simply. And my goal is still to stay artist "
...expectation and hope: "What matters to me is the strength to wait. From small things to big things. From bus 31 to a wonderful role: For me expectation is synonymous with hope. Even what do my job, which is nothing but a way to give people the power to hope? It's not about a passive waiting, but a preparation for what is about to happen. Even that last thing that can happen to human needs training. Expectation is for me a strong feeling and positive attitude towards life. The expectation is preparation." (1979)
... art: ”Art always appeared to me like a relay race of the Godhead.”