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Jean Georgescu

  • Director, actor, screenwriter
  • Born: 25.02.1901 in Bucureşti
  • Died: 08.04.1994 in Bucureşti
Graduate of the Drama Conservatory, the class of professor Alexandru Mihălescu. He helped him to get hired at the Small Theatre, Elvira Popescu`s company.


  • When he was a child, his father gave him a projector and gave him the advice to become an engineer
  • He was a professor at the “Sudisk” Mimodrama School
  • in 1986, Iulian Mihu made the short film Jean Georgescu, portrait.
  • In 1987 the book "Lanterna cu amintiri. Jean Georgescu şi filmele sale" written by Olteea Vasilescu is published.; the foreword is written by Malvina Urşianu. (Meridiane Publishing House, 215 pag.) -  Cinetipar 
  • In 1996 the brochure ”Texte de supravieţuire”  is published; the foreword is written by D.I. Suchianu and curated by Viorel Domenico (Meridiane Publishing House, 79 pages) - Cinetipar