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Ion Caramitru

  • Actor
  • Born: 09.03.1942 in Bucharest
  • Died: 05.09.2021 in Bucharest

He graduated the Institute of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale” (class of 1964, professor Beate Fredanov). His talent is acknowledged ever since he was a student, when he played Hamlet and teacher Miroiu (in “The Star Without a Name”). He made his debut on the stage of the National Theatre with the part of Eminescu in Mircea Ştefănescu`s play.

He was hired at the Bulandra Theatre, where  Liviu Ciulei cast him in almost all his shows (“Macbeth”, “Leonce and Lena”, “Elizabeth the 1st”, “The Lower Depths”, “The Tempest”, etc). Between 1990 and 1993 he was the director of the Bulandra Theatre. Starting from 2005 he is the director of the National Theatre in Bucharest. He made his film debut in the works of some important Romanian directors: Victor Iliu and (again) Liviu Ciulei. He was the Minister of Culture between 1996 and 2000. He is the president of UNITER since 1990.
“From the beginning, the trademark of the talent called Ion Caramitru was the concision. He is the actor of few gestures, of the pensive thoughts, of the words which announce then complete the word, the line. Ion Caramitru has never been an extrovert. His weapon is not the fervor, but the reservedness, a weapon which is sharper and sharper and which is always used successfully.” (Eva Sîrbu, Magazin estival Cinema 1980)


  • Born to an Aromanian family
  • His friends call him Pino.
  • He is married to the actress Micaela Caracaş and they have three sons - Ștefan, Andrei, Matei.
  • He took part in the Romanian Revolution of 1989, being part of the group of people that occupied the Romanian Television building on the 22nd of December. Together with Mircea Dinescu, he announced the fall of the Ceaușescu regime on TV.
  • He was a member of the National Salvation Front (he was on the list of the members initially announced by Ion Iliescu on TVR), then he was the vice president of the Provisional Council of the National Union.
  • Vice president of the Association of Non-Privileged Revolutionaries
  • Honorary Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for Romanian-British cultural activity, decorated by Queen Elizabeth II (1995), Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters in France (1997), Order of Merit, Grand Cross of Romania (2000), Doctor Honoris Causa of the “George Enescu” University of Arts, Iași (2008), the Royal Decoration of the Cross of the Romanian Royal House.
  • Profesor de Arta actorului, UNATC (1976 - 1981); Profesor asociat, UNATC (1997 - 2001)
    Director General al Teatrului ”Lucia Sturdza Bulandra” din Bucureşti (1990 - 1993)
    Preşedinte UNITER - Uniunea Teatrală din România - din 1990
    Ministru al Culturii: 1996 - 2000
    Director General al Teatrului Naţional Bucureşti, din 2005
Ion Caramitru about...
: “Having success is a two-edged phenomenon. Because each of us should know that the success in itself is both wonderful and dangerous at the same time. It is wonderful because it means the acknowledgement of your work. And it is dangerous because it can roll you down from a real, common sense self-knowledge to a narcissism which slowly sets in and alters your character.” (Almanah Cinema 1984)