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Film Critics Association 2015 Award for Best Film Journalism

Doru Segall

  • Cinematographer, Documentary Director and Screenwriter
  • Born: 20.06.1930 in Bucharest
  • Died: 06.05.2011 in Bucharest
He studies cinematography in Moscow where he graduates from Vserossijskij Gosudarstvennyj Institut Kinematografii (VGIK), class of 1954. At the “Alexandru Sahia” Film Studio in Bucharest (1954-1992).


  • Husband of film director Paula Segall with whom he teams up all along their careers.Their work endeavour is responsible for many solid experiences in the field of Romanian docus.
  • As a DoP he works almost exclusively with his wife and film director Mirel Ilieşiu.
  • Femeia din Ursa Mare / The Woman from Ursa Major is his sole attempt to work for a full length feature film.
  • On credits and written works his name appears as Doru Segal.
Doru Segall about documentary film:
“The stylistic character of a documentary is given by its author’s spirit, experience and culture and, at the same time, by the times and society he belongs to.” (Cinema magazine, no. 6, June 1965)