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Film Critics Association 2015 Award for Best Film Journalism

Victor Iliu

  • Director
  • Born: 24.11.1912 in Râu Sadului (Sibiu County)
  • Died: 04.09.1968 in Rome (Italy)
Graduate of the Bucharest Commercial Academy. In 1936,he started writing film reviews.From 1941, he worked as camera assistant and director assistant to TV news programs. He also worked as technical advisor, editor and director for news programs within the National Cinematography Office. (1944-1948). He was sent to Moscow for a training stage, benefitting from the support of the director Serghei Eisenstein. Afterwards, he began making documentaries – Anul 1848 (The Year 1848) (in 1948) and Scrisoarea lui Ion Marin către Scânteia (The Letter Sent by Ion Marin to Scânteia Newspaper) (in 1949). In 1950, he is appointed manager of the Bucharest Cinematographic Art Institute, where he taught directing classes. He was also the artistic director of the Bucharest Cinematographic Studio (1966-1967). 
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Festivals / Awards

  • 1964
Mamaia The Treasure of Vadul Vechi Best Director Award



A Lost Letter