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Film Critics Association 2015 Award for Best Film Journalism

Ana-Maria Comănescu

  • Director, screenwriter
  • Born: 14.01.1993 in Bucharest
Graduate of the University of Drama and Film „I.L.Caragiale” -  Film Directing Department, class of 2014 class of Laurenţiu Damian. Follow Master in film directing (2014-2016).
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Festivals / Awards

  • 2015
NexT In the House Special Mention in national competition
  • 2015
CineMAiubit Second Look Prize of President UCIN & Prize of the Critics
  • 2016
CineMAiubit Pipe, Sex and Omelette Prize of President UCIN
  • 2017
NexT Pipe, Sex and Omelette Audience Award for Romanian Short